How to Get Along With Girls (Vintage Ad)

"It's Easy to Win Her! ...when you know how!"
Comic Book Advertisement for "How to Get Along With Girls"
How to Get Along With Girls Comic Book Advertisement
from the pages of Frankie Fuddle #16 (1946)

"Judy of the Jungle" Comics by Frank Frazetta

Wow -- I don't know how I've never seen these before, but I just found an early comic book story by Frank Frazetta featuring Judy of the Jungle. From Exciting Comics #59 (1947), here's "Judy of the Jungle!"

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This complete comic book (and zillions of other vintage public-domain comics) can be found at the wonderul Digital Comic Museum website at:

Long Ago, Before Comic Bags and Boards...

Before mylar bags and boards...before "slabbing"'s "My Personal Comic Album."
vintage comic book ad -- My Personal Comic Album
From "Moe and Shmoe Comics" #1 Spring 1948, Courtesy of the Digital Comic Museum: